Tools and Resources

Finding cases:
search Google, Google Scholar, and PubMed

Famous Cases:
Academic Grade-Fixing --
Aviation safety --
Engineering safety --
Health Insurance --
Human Rights --
Manufacturing Contamination --
Medical Malpractice --

Occupational Health --
Research Misconduct --
Tax Fraud --

Psychological Referrals -- Your institution might provide free counseling but you might want to avoid internal referrals and on-site counseling due to privacy risks.  Consider a referral from your local professional society, such as

Ethics Consultation -- Ethicists can give advice regarding whistleblowing (e.g., case analysis and potential solutions from an ethics lens; guidance to resolve moral distress).  Ethicists are generally available at universities, hospitals, and in private practice (e.g., Be aware that an "ethicist" is not the same as an "ethics committee."  In fact, many ethics committees are staffed with lay volunteers or employees who are not ethicists.

Legal Referrals -- Your institution will have a team of lawyers helping them with your case (they won't be helping you).  If you need a lawyer, get a referral from a previously published case, your local free legal clinic, or your regional bar association (e.g.,